Ever since I was in college, one of the first things I would schedule for summer’s down time was medical checkups. I’d go to my annual OBGYN visit and the dentist for sure. I’d also schedule appointments for any other ailments I might have,  maybe visit the dermatologist or the otorhinolaryngologist (the ears, nose, throat doctor) and some times the ophthalmologist.

This summer hasn’t been any different. I had a checkup-cleaning with the dentist not too long ago. I visited the internal medicine doctor to get a referral for chiropractor an ended being referred to the physical therapist. So I visited him too (need to go back a few more times actually).

I’m still struggling to get the correct prescription for my contact lenses now that lasik has given way to both myopia and astigmatism to come back, mildly, but still enough to warrant correction. I had been to the  optometrist back in the Fall, but they were no good, so off to the ophthalmologist I went, and hopefully this time we got it right, or at least as best as possible.

My OBGYN appointments had been scheduled around my birthday for the past 6 years in NYC, but when I moved and changed doctors, it took a while to get an appointment, so December it was. And all is good in the land or fertility parts.

This week I went back to the internal medicine doctor. I wanted to check out the overwhelming sadness issue from last week, and what I had been noticing about it happening once a month. Her opinion? It’s not PMS, it’s not depression, it’s just part of dealing with everything that is going on and how I am coping with it. Homesickness, work stress, breakups, all contribute, and she thinks that’s mainly it. There’s nothing coming up in my blood work. My hormones are fine. I could go and see a counselor if I want to, but medically, organically, there is nothing she can give me as a quick fix, or as a fix at all.

She did recommend contraceptives for the breakouts in my skin and said if there is any hormonal unbalance (which does not show up in the blood work), the hormones in the pills will help with that too.

So there you have it, my summer of doctors so far has been ok. I’m not done yet, but I am getting fixed what needs fixing, and making sure nothing else is going on. I’ll keep you posted on the sadness outbursts, but for now it seems to be part of the process, and since the overwhelming ones seem to be just once a month, I  think I’ll be fine. I’m thinking it will take a little time. Time definitely cures everything.


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