Gay Pride Parade

Yesterday was the 42nd LGBT Pride Parade in Chicago, and since I live in Boystown, there was no escaping it. Because, you did believe me when I told you I lived in the equivalent of Greenwich Village, right?

Well, around 10am there were people camped out, fences up, portable toilets lined, walkers with coolers filled to the rim, and music, loud music everywhere. I went for a jog first, and after a shower and some breakfast I headed over to Halstead St., where the parade began.

These were my favorite photos. I took others, there in FB, if you want to take a look. I thought it was hit of a parade. Around 6pm, people were still singing, dancing, drinking and being loud. The fun lasted all day. And in light of the recently passed law pro-gay marriage in NY, I think the LGBT community had a lot to celebrate. Cheers, and ’till next year.


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