Last Friday I left for a jog and forgot my house keys. It wasn’t until I had shut the door behind me that I checked and realized I hadn’t grabbed the keys and was now locked out. My neighbor tried to help me to no avail. An hour later I finally called the locksmith, who came and opened the door in two minutes, which cost me $85. Ouch!

Today, I came back from work to find my back door completely open. Not ajar, not unlocked, but wide open. Fortunately, I have a screen in front of the door, so it wasn’t  completely noticeable from afar. The strange thing is I remember distinctively pulling it closed this morning, and double checking that it had actually closed. In any case, I went in yelling “hello, anyone here?”, took off my heels and grabed a butcher’s knife (the back door leads into the kitchen) and started going from room to room, opening closet doors and looking behind curtains. No one was there, nothing was missing. My door had just been open, mostly all day, but nothing happened, thank goodness.

Remember that recurrent dream I have about a man chasing me, me going into a house/room, and closing the door, just to find the door is flimsy, and doesn’t quite fit in the door frame, the frame is too big for the door, and the man is coming closer, and I know the door won’t hold, and I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do, because the only thing keeping the man from me, is this useless door?  Yeah, I remembered that dream today.

I also remembered that a few times before, I have come home to park my car in the garage, and the electric door next to mine is wide open. The car that parks there is in, the lady who drives it is not, but the door is open. My remote only opens/closes my door, so I can’t close the opened door.

Now, is it just me, or is this door thing starting to feel like a theme? I know I have been distracted lately and when I multitask, which seems to be all the time these days, I sometimes forget things or just don’t pay much attention to what I’m doing. But what is it with doors? Does this have any particular meaning? What does it mean? Any thoughts?


3 responses to “Doors

  1. That would creep me out! I totally would have grabbed a knife and checked every hiding place. I’m not sure what it all means other than you are overly tasked…though metaphorically the Universe could be showing you that there are always open doors for you to explore?

    • Yep, I think I’m overly tasked too. But it’s completely on me. I get into DO mode, and think I can multitask my through the day like a champ, and sometimes I can’t. I been telling myself “one thing at a time”, but I still need to embrace this mode.

      I like that metaphorical interpretation. Open doors to explore… that could be interesting. Although since it all has been a bit scary and frustrating, I’m thinking the underlining message is don’t forget to close the door, but close it right, before moving on to the next thing… don’t you think?

  2. A ghost? Ha. That dream sounds really freakin scary. I had this thing happening for a long time where I would do laundry and I would remember shutting the lid of the washer and when I would come down later to put the clothes in the dryer, the washer lid would still be open and the clothes sitting in a tub of water. At first I thought I was just forgetting to shut the lid but it happened after that when I was SURE I shut the lid. I don’t know. Freaked me the heck out. It hasn’t happened in a while though.

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