Head in the clouds

I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday. I was getting ready to head out to the lake front for a walk/jog, and took my iPod, credit card, and slip to pick up the cleaners on my way back. Everything except for the keys, which I realized as soon as I stepped out and pulled the door close. Darn!

My neighbor, who thank goodness was home on a Friday morning, tried several times, with various different tools, to open the door. But apparently, neither of us is much of a thief. He even tried to get up the balcony with a ladder, but it wasn’t tall enough and it only reached the first floor, and I live on the second. He was kind enough to let me borrow his cell phone to call a locksmith.

The locksmith promptly came and within minutes the door was open. It cost me $85 bucks though. And it got me thinking, this is the third thing I have had to pay for, to make up for my absent mindedness. This is new for me, I usually am very focused, but I seem to have too many things on my mind lately, and I just might be trying to do too many things at the same time, and end up paying for it, literally.

Thr first thing that happened was running a red light and getting a $100 ticket. I obviously didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t even notice. I was geniunly surprised when I got the ticket in the mail and then went online to see the video they had of me, my car, running the light. I still have no recollection of it.

The second thing was crashing into a cement column in the parking garage, while backing out. I had noticed the column in the morning when I parked my car, and even thought it was a bit of a tight spot and should be mindful on my way out. The thing is, on my way out around 7-8 pm, I completely forgot about the column, until I heard the bang, which meant I had dented the door and knocked off my rear-view mirror. That cost me $500, which is my insurance deductible, because the total job was more like $1200.

And now this. They say these jinxed, bad, things come in threes.  I hope I payed my dues and am done with the absent mindedness. Because, I could so have used that money for other more productive things. So there you have it, me with my head in the clouds, not such a good thing.


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