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I have this post in my head of how I am furious with the Illinois health care system. I have another one about my impressions of the Old Town Art Fair I went to on Sunday, and the people I saw there. And then I have a few posts, I guess, about what has been going on with me emotionally these last past weeks, since I came back from NYC, and now, recently, about me and Mike.

But I have been swamped with work this week and haven’t had any down time at all. I’ve been caught in a workshop all day Monday and Tuesday, and then had to go back to my office afterward to get my things done too. I am giving a workshop today to prospective students, and stayed at the office last night until 8:30pm finishing that presentation.

Classes are done, but I still have to grade final projects and post grades. And it feels like now is when the real hard work begins. I have the entire month of June packed with activities and need to get my writing game on, on top of that.

I’m also physically tired and my right thumb still hurts. I’m still wearing the wrist/thumb band, it’s been almost two weeks now, and I see no improvement in the pain. I guess I’ll have to keep on going, the Dr did say 2-3 weeks, so I’ll wait and see.

I’ll come back and share all that’s on my mind. For now I need to get ready to go enamor some potential students. Hope you are all enjoying some down time and hopefully some sunny, warm weather too. I’ll be back soon.


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