My Weekend

I was set to go off visit Mike in the suburbs this weekend, when I was reminded over lunch on Friday that the Chicago festivals and street fairs were to begin. I talked Mike into coming in to city and we had some fun here instead.

Saturday was off to Ford to get my sync system checked up and then I headed over to the 57th Street Art Fair, down in Hyde Park. It was hot, it was sunny, it was packed!

I roamed around browsing the art stands, and bumped into an estate sale where I got some goodies. A liquor type clear glass bottle with a wine cork in the shape of golf clubs for Mike, and an old iron for me. I know realize I didn’t take photos of those, but I did take some iPhone shots of the fair.

In one of the stands I saw some wooden furniture that reminded me of a place in Falcón, Venezuela, a little town in the middle of nowhere, called Moruy. They made very similar looking furniture that we bought to furnished the big, empty, oil camp houses. It was sort of the IKEA of the place.

My friends from Cardón surely remember this place and it’s very typical furniture. After the Fair I met Mike and Charley and we strolled along the Lake to take Charley for a walk. The storm started heading in quite quickly, so we turned around and headed back home. Not without getting a bit wet. It’s was amazing how quickly the weather changed on us.

After a while the rain subsided and we headed out to Wilde for drinks and dinner and then to the movies to watch Midnight in Paris.

I am under the impression that last shot came out so poorly because I do not like sweet potato fries, or sweet potatoes for that matter. Mike devoured them, apparently they are the bee’s knees, I just don’t get it.

Midnight in Paris was good. Owen Wilson’s character is so Woody Allen sometimes you think it’s him on the screen instead of Wilson. I loved the photography, because Paris is just that beautiful. It reminded me of Allen’s love affair with NYC, now redirected to Paris. I really disliked Rachel McAdam’s character, at the end of the movie you just hate her, she’s just that kind of person. What I loved the most were the flash backs to 1920s and 1890s, all of my favorite artists were there, I only missed van Gogh.

Sunday, we went to Printer’s Row. We took the L there, which I hadn’t been on in quite a while. Now that I have a car again, I drive everywhere and rarely take the subway. Mike, living in the suburbs, says he only takes the L when going to Cubbies games in Wrigley Field. So it was interesting for us.

We roamed Printer’s Row for a while and headed to Blackie’s for burgers. The burgers were good, really good, and the fries were even better!

While roaming Printer’s Row I found the equivalent of, from the turn of last century. Take a look:

Apparently, the online/distance dating concept is not as new as we think it is! Anyway, after lunch we headed back home, not without stopping by Paciugo for geleato first. They change their flavors every day and this time they had no banana, which has become our favorite, but passion fruit cheesecake and sea salt caramel, are a close second.

Charley and Mike headed home shortly after, and I stayed in watching old 1950s movies and then Suspense Sunday on the Hallmark channel. So that was the weekend, quite nice if you ask me. How was yours?


4 responses to “My Weekend

  1. But wait, there’s room between the people at the 57th street art fair. You can walk without touching strangers. Populated? Yes! Crowded? Not even close. Wait until you go to the Old Town Art Fair – now, that’s PACKED!

    Also, sweet potatoes (and fries)? Hate ’em. You’re in good company!

    • 🙂 yes, there was room. I got there early, I’m sure by the time I left there were many more people, I know finding a parking spot was a bit of a challenge. But Printer’s Row on Sunday was MUCH more packed than the art fair on Saturday for sure.

      I’m glad I’m not alone in the sweet potato camp… really don’t find the appeal.

  2. Lovely pictures.
    Chicago looks very nice.

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