Weekend without Charley

The weekend was nice. Friday was filled with meetings and two work-social events, so by time dinner came around I was stuff. There was food in every single meeting and event, and the last two even had wine!

I had set up with An Chih to go check out a new place he’s thinking of moving into and then going out for dinner. We saw the place he is considering and it looked good, but then decided to go for ice cream instead of dinner. We really weren’t hungry after all that food.

I wanted to go to Cold Stone, I’m hooked on those strawberry blondes! But for some reason the one that came up in the iPhone app, was nowhere to be found in the actual location. Don’t you hate when that happens? So we ended at a Dairy Queen, where I proceeded to have TWO (small) blizzards! And then I wonder why I’ve gained so much weight lately…

Saturday turned out to be an early rise to clean up and do laundry. That also amazes me, where does all the dust come from?! The windows have been closed since November and I only open the doors to get in and out, so, how does the dust accumulate so? You tell me, where does it come from?

Mike came over this weekend, without Charley. Charley had a date with another dog, bud of his. After Mike came back from his golf trip, one of his coworkers offered to take care of Charley if/when Mike went away again, so that he didn’t have be boarded. Mike jumped at the offer and left Charley at her place for the night, to try it out. He claimed it would also be a break for him… I missed Charley. I was sort of looking forward to seeing him, so I was a bit bummed.

We went looking for a place to have dinner and drinks on Saturday night, and it so happens, in this town, if you don’t have a reservation you’re limited to sports bars, who knew? We ended going to The Athenian Room, which is very friendly and non-presumptions that way, and sat us promptly without a reservation.

The funny thing about the Athenian Room is that they don’t serve liquor, yet their neighbor is a sports bar with a license to share. So you need to head over to the bar order and pay for drinks and then bring them over to the table. That was Mike’s job, he wanted drinks, so he willingly carried out the task.

Both, drinks and food were good. It was warm enough to sit outside, so that was a pleasant change as well. A good night out overall. Which then ended at the Jewel to recharge on booze and go home for more drinks. I don’t know about Mike’s Jack and Coke, but the Cosmo he fixed me was much better than the one from the bar!

Since we didn’t have Charley, Sunday morning was a sleep in kind of day, we slept all the way ’till 8:30am! That must be a record for Mike. For me, noonish would have been better, but it beats 6am any day. We headed out for breakfast to a place a coworker had recommended, along Devon Ave. This place is filled with Eastern European style restaurants and supermarkets, the thing is they must open late on Sunday’s because everything was closed. We kept on driving and in typical Chicago style, a few blocks West the neighborhood completely changed and we bumped into a diner. We had bagels, pancakes, omelets and bacon, mmmm, lots of bacon.

We decided to walk it off a bit, so we headed to the Navy Pier to soak in the sun, appreciate the view, and in general just take it all in. Oh, and have some ice cream too, because what is a stroll down the pier without ice cream?

If my hair hadn’t been doing that weird thing across my sunglasses, product of the ever lasting Chicago wind, that would have actually been a good picture.

After the pier, Mike headed back to get Charley and I went to get my massage. All good for less than 24 hours together, don’t you think? 🙂

And just like that the weekend was over. Can we do it all over again?


6 responses to “Weekend without Charley

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Though, it’s not been my experience that you HAVE to have reservations at most places (just some of the more popular ones that tend to be downtown) … just need to be willing to wait if the restaurant is a popular one!

    • I thought that was the case too. Maybe it was our luck that night. We looked for places online and they all required reservations and when we tried to make them online they didn’t have availability. Then we went to Aquitaine in Lincoln Park, where I had gone before for lunch, and the first thing they asked as we walked in was “under which name is your reservation?” Without one we had to wait about 40 mins. So off we went to find another spot.

  2. PS – Though, you didn’t do so poorly. The Athenian Room has been around for years, has decent food and the outdoor patio out front is stellar when the weather is right!

    • Yeah, I’ve been there a few times before, and I like the food and the friendly atmosphere. Mike wanted to sit outside and fortunately there was availability, so it worked out great 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend…. and thanks for sharing all the pictures 🙂

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