Cooking again

I’ve been having tummy issues. It hurts after I eat, I get gassy, and sometimes I have to dash to the restroom, more often than I would like. My stomach has never been my strong point, but it’s usually not this bad.

I figured that the junk I’m eating lately was not helping, so on Sunday, I decided to get my act together, forget the frozen pizzas and the frozen dinners, and cook already!

I had gone to the supermarket Friday morning, before work, so I had some chicken and rice on hand. I still had some chives from Mike’s garden in my fridge, so after some slick chopping, I started dazzling in PAM olive oil.

In went the chicken with the chives.

And the rice was set in it’s pot too.

The final product looked like this. Although I did have a glass of white wine while cooking, which just set the way quite nicely for the food to come.

Buen provecho!


2 responses to “Cooking again

  1. Try eating gluten free for a while and tell me how it goes… That might be part of the problem!

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