Weekend Recap

A great, relaxing weekend was had. I headed over to the burbs on a Friday night for the first time. When I go visit Mike, it’s usually on a Saturday, but this time Friday night it was and somehow I felt accompanied by all the people driving back home from work in the city, sort of like we were part of this commuting community, a little strange, but also a little comforting.

The Kentucky Derby was on Saturday and even though we lost every bet we made (not too many mind you), it was fun to go to a full house celebration based around a race that lasts all of 2 minutes. No excuse is too crazy to hold a party, don’t you think? Fun was had with lots of food, drinks and conversation. Mint julep, you are my friend.

In the morning though, before the festivities, we headed over to the I & M Canal, a place Mike takes Charley for long walks. This canal is long. We were there for 2 hours and we didn’t even cover a quarter of it. In fact, I think, not even an eighth. But we enjoyed it and I took pictures! (of course I did, right?)

Since both our mothers are far enough to not be able to visit them on Mother’s Day, Sunday was a stay in kind of morning. But later on, off we went to see a matinne and have lunch. After lunch Mike headed home to take Charley for a walk and get ready for his golfing trip. I stayed at the mall and did some shopping. Yay! 🙂 I wanted to get some shoes and ended with 4 shirts and a pair of cheap sun glasses instead. Oh well.

It was a great weekend. I feel like a little bit of everything was done. Even work, since once I got home it was read-and-prep-class mode all the way until I went to bed. How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Did you watch the Derby? Did you win?


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