Working from home

I’m staying home from work today and it sort of feels like when I was working from home in NYC. I miss that, I miss the laid-backness of it all. I miss cooking lunch and cleaning the bathroom in the middle of the day, going up to the gym at any time and getting work done in bed, if I felt like it. Being able to stay in in PJs or sweats all day does have it’s appeal.

Working from home did get lonesome sometimes, because there’s no one really to talk to, or bump into in the hallway. But I had meetings at the university once a week and could always venture out to a cafe and see tons of people whenever I wanted, it was NYC after all.

Working in an office can be lonesome too. My office is right across from the student workers’ stations and they can get noisy. So I usually keep my door shut. If I don’t have to teach or don’t have meetings, I can be cooped in my office, alone, all day. On days like that, I actually could have just stayed home, and have the perks of an easy access kitchen and any kinds of breaks I want. There, I’m limited to internet breaks (blogs, twitter, chats) and bathroom breaks, which sometimes I have to make a run for… why is it we wait until the last minute to go to the restroom?

I’m thinking once this term is over (5 more weeks, hurray!) I will be doing much more of working from home. I’m not teaching in the summer, and a lot of people take off, so there won’t be too many meetings to attend. Summer is writing time for me, finally! I need to get on it too, make up for all the writing I didn’t do since September.

But today I stayed because I haven’t been feeling all that great. My stomach has been acting up these past couple days and I thought sleeping in and taking it easy would help me get over whatever bug I might have. So here I am, working from home, like the good old days and missing them just a little bit.


2 responses to “Working from home

  1. How funny. I wait until I am about to pee my pants and than I dash for the bathroom. I have perfected the pee dance.

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