Keeping things to myself

Thank you all for your comments and insight’s on the “I love you” issue. It’s always helpful to hear others also think about the same issues. And, especially when I’m thinking through things, like this one, to hear others’ opinions and suggestions, is usually helpful. Thank you!

To wrap that up and not leave you hanging, I’ll tell you I’ve decided to not say anything. I decided to let it be whatever it may, and let the feeling flow. If it grows then great, there will be an opportunity to voice it, and if it doesn’t then no harm done. Either way, I think it’s too soon to tell, so why push it?

I haven’t, purposefully, shared a lot about this relationship here. The things we do and say, what I’m thinking and feeling about them, have all been kept out of the blog. It’s not that they are not happening, you know I can’t stop thinking, especially about relationship matters, but I decided not to post them. And I feel like that was a good decision on my part.

When/if things develop further, in any direction they might go, I’ll probably share bits of it. But for the time being, I think it’s best kept like this, out of the public arena. Will this be the case always? I don’t know. For now though, mums’ the word. I hope you understand.


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