I bought a domain: www.jenmata.org for my spirituality website. I started this website with freewebs.com back in 2006, when I began to explore the topic of spirituality and decided I would write my doctoral dissertation on it.

I began it as a placeholder for all the information I had collected. I wanted a place where I could store everything, find it easily, and also share it with whomever was interested.

I have updated it now and then, with information on conferences and some links to articles. I also have a blog section there, in which I write strictly about spiritual matters. But I had neglected it over the years and had not much use for it after I had uploaded all my initial files and info.

I’m proud to announce I have revamped it, and now as a more polished site, with a private domain and no free ads running through it, I plan to use it for professional purposes. My research area currently, is still spirituality in early childhood education, so this site is actually perfect to continue holding and disseminating my work on the matter.

Check it out. Let me know what you think. I can always make it better with your input.

Interest in Spirituality: Encountering the Divine

I also have a FB fan page for it, so if you like it, please join the fan page and it will keep you updated with the new postings on the website. Thanks!


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