Being Goofy

I’m still taking photos of myself every morning when I come into my office. I try, when I remember, to take it before I start working, before the day gets chaotic, as it sometimes does, and I get over loaded with to-dos, and end up getting to it when I look quite run over by the day.

I had been taking nice, smiley ones, you know, the ones you actually want people to see. But lately, I decided to take the goofy approach, to offer well, another side of me. Take a look:

Because you know, a little goofiness does a body good, right? Oh wait, that’s milk. Oh well, in any case, it can’t hurt.


2 responses to “Being Goofy

  1. Hehe, cute.

    Love the red nail polish that you’re wearing in one of the pictures 🙂

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