It rains

It’s cold today, as in, the high is 40F. Which in the grand skeem of things is not that cold, but because it’s raining and windy, and cloudy and gray, it just feels colder than it actually is. The fact that it snowed yesterday, doesn’t help either. Gloom is just sort of in the air.

That warm, in the 80sF, Sunday we had a few weekends ago, was a total fluke. We knew it then, but still enjoyed it, and miss it now. Spring seems to be making it’s way, but it’s definitely not here yet.

Being indoors, in my office or just inside a building either in a classroom, a meeting room or some sort of office, I tend to not notice too much what the weather is like, which has made getting through winter quite bearable. But when it rains, when it’s cloudy and cold and wet, like today, I feel the weather impacting my mood, regardless of where I am. So here I am, trying to be very productive, and not think of how I rather be in bed reading or napping, because weather like this calls for such activities.

What are you doing today? Do you feel the weather impacting your emotional state? Or is that just a me thing?


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