Haunted, again?

My bathroom is haunted. Or at least it seems that way. I got home last night and when I went to pull the curtains I noticed the balcony door was open. Charley loves the balcony, and he was on it on Sunday, so I figured, it was just left ajar, or maybe the wind had pushed it open, because it doesn’t really lock all that well to begin with. I closed it and made nothing much of it.

I did look around. I had been home for a few hours and obviously had noticed nothing strange. But still, I opened closets and checked to see if maybe I had missed something. When I went to pull the bathroom curtain I found this.

What is it, you ask? That’s exactly what I would like to know. I took a shower that morning and left the tub clean, as it is left when one takes a shower. So where did this come from? Was the soap dripping? No. Did it come from the ceiling? Nope, that was clean. So, how does one explain this splatter of brown all over the tub?

I dismissed it. I thought “well there’s a little mystery right there”, and let it go. This morning while showering I made sure to clean this up. The water, as it ran down the tub, did the trick, exactly as it had done the morning before. Puzzling, I tell you.

While showering I tried to use my electrical facial scrub and regardless of how many times I pressed the power button, nothing happened. I ended up using it without turning it on and took it out to change the batteries. I left it on the counter, next to the sink, and forgot about it.

As I’m getting dressed and about to head out, I hear a buzzing noise coming from the bathroom. I go in to find the electrical face scrub thingy vibrating like made, and about to fall off the counter top. And that’s when it hit me: My bathroom is haunted!

So there. Now what? I guess wait and see what craziness is awaiting for me tonight. I’ll keep you posted. It seems interesting to me though. Why the bathroom? I’ve had haunted bathrooms before. Back in the early 90s my sister had some of her college friends over and we were playing the ouija board. There were a few of her friends who seem to have a talent for this game, and that board letter indicator moved like crazy. Bogus? It could be, but there are other details to that story that make it sound quite real.

In any case, after that ouija session things started disappearing in the apartment, moved around, messed with, and it seemed to always happen around the bathroom. So I claimed then too, the bathroom is haunted!

Why would someone want to haunt a bathroom? I don’t really know. Maybe the closeness to water? Maybe the intimacy of the place? Who knows, but it seems interesting to me that this is a recurrent theme. Have you had experience with haunted bathrooms? Or any other rooms for that matter? Any brilliant guesses as to why the bathroom? Let’s chat. Or better yet, come on over for tea sometime and use the facilities!


4 responses to “Haunted, again?

  1. Ok, this is freaking me out a little.

  2. You don’t sound very scared, I’d be totally freaking out lady!! But it’s better if it’s your bathroom and not your bedroom, small mercies, small mercies 😉

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