It feels like summer

This weekend was great. I had a ton of reading and prepping to do for class, but I managed to balance it out with fun as well. And that’s what I’m going to share with you, the fun part.

I had meeting after meeting on Friday, so once I was done, I headed straight home to watch TV and relax. Saturday was an early catch up by phone with friends kind of morning. I do very much appreciate when my friends call to catch up, I’m just terrible at calling, so when they do, I enjoy it tons.

But the day was not to be wasted in bed, flipping through magazines and chit chatting. There were things to do! I had a few things to buy at Walgreens, but before that I decided to explore my neighborhood a little, leisurely, you know, how we do when we have no real urgency, no real place to be or get to, a rarity for me. So, given that this was the case, I enjoyed my roaming.

My first stop was a local bookstore called Unabridged Books, and look what I found there! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy it. If I don’t buy another book ever, I’d still have enough with the ones I own now for the rest of my days. But we all know I’ll buy more books, it’s inevitable, just not on Saturday.

Next stop was Wigglyville. How cute is that name? There are tons of dogs in my neighborhood, and of course, there are quite a few shops that cater to them. Look at what I found for Charley.

I then went to Equinox. I wanted to check out some lamps I had seen a while back, but they were gone. Equinox has had big SALE signs for a while now, I wonder if they are really going to close or just changing their merchandise. In any case, I found this: The Prince Frog! And now it’s sitting in my living room, ready to grant wishes.

Then I went to Phoebe’s Cupcakes. I had bought a Groupon a few weeks ago, and had meant to go get some cupcakes, but just hadn’t gotten to it. Today was the day!

I got a death by chocolate, a red velvet, a strawberry shortcake, and a salted caramel. I had the strawberry shortcake for breakfast on Sunday and the salted caramel this morning, both delicious!

And then I was ready to go to Walgreens and get what I headed out to buy in the first place. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading until Mike and Charley showed up. We had snacks, wine, conversation, and called it a night.

Sunday was a fluke summer day we had in Chicago before we even had a week of Spring weather. I mean, in the 80s, in April? We were out that door earlier than ever. We got breakfast at Nabo’s and headed toward the lake to find a bench.

The running path was packed. Runners, bikers, strollers, dogs, you name it. So what did we do? We took Charley to the dog beach. And he loved it.

After Charley got his fix, we left the dog park and roamed around the path and along the lake.

After about three hours of walking we were pooped, all of us, even Charley. We went home for a nap. But then lunch time was on us, so we headed to Wilde Bar, as in Oscar Wilde, for drinks and food, and to watch the Masters, because of course we needed to watch the Masters, right? Charley stayed home.

It was a great weekend, a great one indeed. I even got the beginnings of a tan. I’m telling you, it felt like summer.


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