Need to let go

Remember my New Year resolutions? I had one wish and one goal, remember? Well, I think I need to step it up in the goal department. I really need to learn to let go, especially of emotions.

It’s come to my attention, that I hold on to emotions, especially negatives ones, like stress, hurt, sadness, and anger, far longer than I should. So far actually, I start somatizing, and get back/shoulders/neck aches. I accumulate stress in my upper back, and when I have these accumulated emotions, when I hold on to them, it hurts, to the point I can’t sleep well at night.

I need to let go. Let go of the issues with irresponsible, disrespectful students. Let go of the condescending, sometimes driven by their own agenda, comments other faculty make. Let go of annoyance with people who seem bothered by having to do their job. I just need to let go.

I know it’s normal for these things to bother me. I know anyone else would be ticked off by them too. But, for my health’s sake, I need to let it affect me as it may, and then let it go and move on. The question now is, how?

Meditation, which I’ve taken on again, and yoga, which I’m going back to tonight after a month hiatus, help. But I feel like they are not enough. I need concrete strategies I can use to let go. Literally, mentally, and emotionally let go. Do you have any pointers? What do you do to let go of the ickyness in your life?


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