Now that my necklaces are out, in a place I see every morning, I am using them more. What a concept, right? This is me today, rocking my blue cross metal necklace, which I love, but hadn’t used since, maybe, 1998? I don’t quite remember.

Another thing that changed since the boxes arrived, is my office. It looks much more lived in now, for sure. Take a look of all the stuff (not only books) I’ve accumulated over years and years or studying and working with kids.

And that’s barely half of it. I had to get rid of tons of stuff back home, because well, you know, I didn’t need it and shipping was costing and arm and a leg already.  At home I have the “personal” books and stuff. The ones that really have nothing to do with what I do for a living. Those also came in some of the boxes. Now I have mostly everything I own with me, either in my apartment or in my office, no more stuff spread around 3 cities and two countries. I feel complete! 😉


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