Miss independent

Miss independent, that’s what Mike called me when I was done. In the boxes that came from Miami, which had come initially from Caracas, came a few things I wanted to hang on the walls. I had a mirror and some tiles/art work.

Also, from the move from NY, I still had a necklace hanger thingy hanging on the back of my bedroom door. This would be a fine place for it if it wasn’t taking over that-back-door-hanger which is initially intended for, you know PJs, or other clothing garments in use.

Well, I don’t know about independence, but I have a drill and I know how to use it! So off I went to drill some holes in the walls. Very reluctantly, I might add, because, this is not my apartment. Meaning, I do not own these walls, I’m just renting them for a while. In any case, I figured I’d deal with the holes once I decide to move, which I don’t think will happen this year.

And this is the result:

Crappy pictures, I know, but it was a quick iPhone shot. Speaking of shots, I have 3 boxes filled with frame photographs I took back in the day when I was studying photography and exhibiting my work… I think those might be the next holes I make in these walls.


2 responses to “Miss independent

  1. Your jewelry collection rivals mine. 🙂

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