Light? Not really.

You should of seen my office yesterday around 4pm, it was a war zone. I had opened and unpacked all 9 boxes of books and stuff, and everything was on display. Disorganized display.

When my parents decided to move from Venezuela last summer, I went back to Caracas to sort out what I wanted to keep and what I could part with. I threw out tons of stuff, gave away another ton, and apparently kept the biggest ton of the three.

On Saturday my boxes were delivered from Miami. Thirteen were left at my apartment and 9 were delivered to my office. As it turns out 4 of the 13 house boxes needed to go to the office, so those are still in my trunk waiting for some kind soul to help me stroll them over from the parking lot to my office building. Other 4 of those boxes were framed photographs and stuffed animals which went directly to my storage room. So at home I just had 4 boxes worth of books and stuff to put away, and away everything is, as if nothing happened.

My office is another story. There you can tell what happened. I still have two filled boxes on the floor. One needs to go back home and the other still needs to find a place to live, since it’s materials and classroom games, puzzles and the sort, and not books.

I have too much stuff! I wish I had less stuff. Stuff stresses me out a bit, mainly because of the lack of space, but also because I don’t like clutter. Clutter makes me a bit unnerved, and who the heck wants to be unnerved?

When I travel, I usually travel light. I check one bag and then carry on me just my purse. I avoid anything that they might find suspicious through security, and waltz right through, light as a feather. In life, I don’t travel as light. I realized when I moved last summer from NYC, how much stuff I have accumulated these past 6 years living there, and now I have 22 more boxes worth of stuff to add to that.

I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare that moving will be next time I do so. Help! I need to get rid of most of this stuff, but some of it has a lot of sentimental value. How does one get rid of things that take you places you forgot you had ever been to, and remind you of people that were once very important in your life. How does one say goodbye? How does one let go? How can I learn to travel light through life?


4 responses to “Light? Not really.

  1. That is something that I am guilty of as well, but throughout the years and my MANY moves I have learned that memories you keep in your heart and that those material things that “remind you” of them are usually stored in boxes anyway where you never seen them.

    It is hard to detach and let go but at the end it is good and healthy to travel light in life and the memories will ALWAYS no matter what stay with you in your heart!

    • True, so very true. Hopefully I will detach myself from all these things and be able to travel through life lightly… because I know I’ll be moving again some time in the near future… it seems inevitable in my life.

  2. Remember what you wanted us to remind you this year: “Let go” I am the worst for this but just a reminder for you. Cheers

    • I totally remember and thank you for reminding me 🙂 I thought about it when I was writing this and realized how difficult it is for to let go in this aspect as well… learning, growing, changing… it’s a process.

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