Prague, my favorites

I’ve spent hours yesterday and today posting all the pictures from the trip. I have three Prague albums and one Terezin album on FB. So, I thought I’d just share my favorites here.

I took over 700 photos, so to share just a little over 40 is quite an accomplishment! If you want to see the whole lot, they’re on FB for you.

Prague is definitely a beautiful city, it’s like it stood still in time. There is some modern architecture here and there, but for the most part it’s all pretty old and historic looking. It makes you feel as if you walked into a fairytale. I can totally understand why people find this city so appealing and some deem it the most beautiful one in Europe.

The thing is, the history of this city tells a story of oppression, violence, torture, crime, murder, and it’s not all hidden from the commoner’s view. I kept getting reminded of Russia, a place to which I’ve never been. And yet the sense of communistic oppression was such, I could imagine what Russia must feel like.

I don’t know if it’s living in Chicago, with it’s happy, smiley, nice people or what exactly, but I found the people in Prague to be a little too cold and detached for my liking. And the smells, don’t get me started on the smells. I kept thinking to myself “A little deodorant and perfume won’t kill you, ya know.” Also, everyone smokes. Indoors. So second hand smoking is almost a requirement.

Don’t get me wrong, the city is spectacular and so worth the visit. I just wouldn’t live there.


4 responses to “Prague, my favorites

  1. Great photos! Architecture is my favorite thing to see in a city. Even above people, much of the time. That’s not nice, is it? 🙂

    • I love architecture and photographing it gives me immense pleasure. I would photograph more people, if they weren’t so apprehensive about it. I once did a portrait study while working with black&white photography and shot random people in the street, it was great, but some people get really upset when one tries to take their photo, so architecture it is!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous – it looks like the weather cooperated for your visit (or at least the sun came out to play!). And it also sounds like we should be thankful you took 700 photos, because we see all the good stuff and don’t smell or encounter the bad. ha. I kid. I still want to visit Prague one day.

    • The weather did cooperate. I had a very cloudy day the first time I was out and about. But the following two days were incredible, sunny and in the high 50s, perfect!
      You kid, but those smells were not to be taken lightly! I found myself holding my breath more times than I could count.

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