Working to go Fly

I am exhausted. Been working like a mad person, trying to get everything graded and ready for students to pick up, getting my new class set and ready for when I return (classes begin the first Monday I get back), and prepping for the trip. And now the day is here and I still have a TON of things to do before I catch my plane tonight. But I’m off to Prague, a city I’ve never been to, and I’m excited.

Why am I going? Well, it’s for work. There is a conference on spirituality and I will be presenting a paper. The logistics of it is much more complicated than you would care to know, because of my visa status just recently changing and me needing visas, and visits to embassies, and a new passport, and a pile of paper work as a result… so it hasn’t felt fun at all yet. Hopefully, neither Prague or the conference will disappoint.

I will be seeing my friend Thomas there and meeting his family (all girls) for the first time, and I am very excited about that! They live in Vienna, but will be coming to spend the weekend in Prague and staying in the same hotel as I am, so we’ll get to spend a lot time together. Yay, for old friends!

I don’t know how much Internet access I’ll have. I most likely won’t be posting often or maybe at all, until I get back. I am taking my good camera though, so pictures are to come.

Be good and be safe. Wish me luck and see you in a week or so.


2 responses to “Working to go Fly

  1. You absolutely should go on an Internet hiatus and ENJOY your time in Prague, at the conference and with good friends! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure upon your return!!

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