Do I look happy to you?

Maybe a bit goofy? That was me yesterday, and yesterday I was happy. Not that I’m not generally happy, but yesterday I was particularly happy. Why? I’m not sure.

It might have been the morning jog, which definitely energized me. It might be because the term is over and even though I still have piles to grade, I have no more classes to teach for the next two weeks (yay!). It might be because I ended the term on a happy note with my students even though we did have that bump in the road. It might be because I’m flying to Prague at the end of this week and I’m excited about getting to know a new place. It might be because every time I think of Mike, it makes me smile (ah, gooey, I know). Or that I’ve been sleeping in a little more these past two days. Or that I’ve been meditating daily since Lent started.

I’m really not sure why, but does one really need a reason to be particularly happy?

This is me today.

I’d say the happiness is lingering, wouldn’t you?


4 responses to “Happy

  1. Yay! You look happy! 🙂

    And this is so great that you’re going to Prague. It’s an amazing city! You’ll love it. Are you going by yourself?

    • Thanks! I feel happy 🙂
      I’ve heard so many grand things of this city, I hope it does not disappoint. Yes, I’m going for a conference, to present a paper, so, I’m on my own. Any tips?

  2. Love it! Nothing greater for us and those around us that being happy! I think you have a good combo going no, meditation, jogging, vacay and bf 😉 May the days get better and better!

    • 🙂 Thanks! Yep, I think it’s pretty balanced right now, which makes it easy to be happy. May my happiness spread around to you too! 🙂

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