A little more tired than I want to be

I’m exhausted, everything hurts. I’ve been meaning to get that massage I bought for myself as a Christmas present and still haven’t booked it. I thought I’d wait until the term was over, as kind of a reward. I need it! I need to book some appointments with a quiropractor too. My upper back and neck are strating to feel like they’re out to kill me, they’re surelly bringing me down and sleeping, when I can get that in, doesn’t seem to make it better.

But as they say, there’s no rest for the wicked, and even though classes are officially over as of yesterday (I had my final Saturday class), I still have a ton of work to do, so no real Spring break here. Plus, on Thursday I’m off to Prague to present a paper in a conference, and as excited as I am about visiting a country I’ve never been to, the thought of the unending trip to Europe, the jet lag and all the paper work involved, is tiring in and of itself.

Fortunately, my life is not all work these days. As I mentioned before, I met this great guy, whom I’ve been seeing for the past month and a half or so. He’s great, a sweet guy with whom I can talk and cuddle ’till no end. The only downfall, which does not help with my overly stressed back, is that both him and his dog Charley are very much morning people, which if you know anything about me, you know I am not. I do get up around 7 am everyday for work, but on weekends, I not just like to, but I need to sleep in. Sleeping in on Sundays is what gets me through the early wake-ups during the week.

I said I was not going to blog about Mike. I asked him and he seems fine with me blogging about him, and yet I don’t feel like I want to do that. I told him I would keep it quite on the blog, and he seemed fine with that too. Keeping it private is fine, sharing little bits is fine, he seemed to be ok with it either way.

I thought a little more on why I wanted to keep this to myself and realized it wasn’t so much about protecting him, which I will do, but more so about protecting myself. I think I’ve had my heart broken one too many times, and making it public makes it that much harder to go through. I’ve always felt terrible for actors who live their romances in the public eye, and when things go sour they live the breakup in the spot light as well.

Getting over a broken heart is hard enough as it is, having to do it, with everyone and their mother knowing about it must be 100 times worse. Not that I’m comparing myself with a public figure everyone knows, or that I foresee another broken heart in this particular situation, but whatever happens this time, I just want people I choose to tell about it know it, and not everyone who reads this blog, which surprisingly to me has a bigger, wider audience than I would have ever guessed.

I mean, I’ll share, I always do. I’ll just keep the details to myself or maybe call you up to chat sometime, deal? I will give you this though, this is Charley, isn’t he just adorable?

I only wish he didn’t have to go for a walk so early in the morning!


4 responses to “A little more tired than I want to be

  1. I’ve been a morning person out of force (get up early so I miss traffic driving to work). The last guy I dated before meeting Sweets got up hours after me (and that was so he could workout and THEN go to work). He’d stay up much later than me at night, too.

    Sweets has always been a morning person, too. His work shifts begin at 7:00 and he likes to get to work at 6:30. Turns out we’ve always gotten up at the same time for work. And while I don’t think our sleep schedules are the cause for our successful relationship, it certainly does help. =)

    • I agree, a wake-up schedule doesn’t necessarily make or break a relationship, but it does help, especially on weekends. I get up earlyish every day of the week, but Sundays, the only day I can sleep in, I want to sleep! I’m trying, really I am, I think I need to get myself to bed at night much earlier than midnight which is my usual time, so that I can still get 7-8 hours in and get up early. It’s a work in progress ; )

  2. I am very curious about your new guy, but I do understand why you want to keep this new relationship off the blog…. just know that I am very happy to know that you’re happy 🙂

    • Thank you San! I am happy, and I’m really glad you are happy for me. I’m sure the relationship and the guy will surface here now and then, knowing me it’s inevitable 😉

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