I feel like I’ve been cheating you all out of updates, and there are some good ones, believe me, but I have been packed and haven’t found time coupled with inspiration to come here and share. Isn’t that always the case? When one is inspired rarely does one have time, and when one has time… wait, one has time? Yeah, that rarely happens too. But, right this minute I’m running early (I so rarely write/say that, it just seems weird to me). I have to be at the university by 9 am for a mini conference and it’s 8:29am, it takes me about 10 minutes to get there, so that means I have a few minutes to kill.

I want to share about my personal life, but I need to ask first if *he* would not mind being featured in my blog. I’ve been meaning to, but I keep forgetting and then when I think of writing about him, I remember I haven’t asked, so I skip it.

I’ll just update you on my crazy days lately, if that’s ok with you 😉 Take yesterday, for example, it started at 6:30am because, out of some crazy impulse, I decide I would try out setting my alarm at that time this week and start my days ealier, in the hopes I would be more productive. Not that I’m not productive already, I just want to be more so. There is so much to do and so little time, I figured I’d squeeze some more time out of what is available. I’m not a morning person, so let’s just see how this goes.

I left for work at 8:50am and got back home at exactly 8:50pm. Was I productive? Yes. More productive than any other Monday, I don’t really know.  I had a two hour meeting, I don’t usually have on Mondays, so that took some time away. I also needed to get things sorted and printed before grading and that sucked a lot of time too. I’m hoping today will be more productive, although a 9 to 1 mini conference will take up all my morning… oh well.

I just realized I have to run. But I’ll be back, I do have some things on my mind I want to write about. I promise, I’ll make it back today or tomorrow, I will find the time.


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