Up to?

Enough about sex now. I do have other questions I would like to ask you, but you all seem not that interested in answering them, so I’ll just let it go. Besides, I never really had the intention of using this blog for research purposes, so there really is no need to for that here. I’ll be sticking to updates on what I’ve been up to lately, if you don’t mind.

Speaking of research, I have two projects I’m cooking and I’m pretty excited about. Lately, I feel like my days, in and out, are consumed by teaching, reading and prepping for class and then grading (there’s always grading), and not enough time is devoted to research or writing. Well, I think that once I embark in these projects things will change. That, and also getting to teach the same courses again, and not having a new one (or two) each term, will help a lot.

I don’t want to get into my projects here. You would probably find them a bit boring and I sort of don’t want to jinx them either. Suffice it to say, they both need funding, for which I will probably have to do some serious grant writing, and they both require lots of time to read, investigate, write and then bring to fruition. It’s never ending really, but it’s exciting and the changes they could bring are very positive and encouraging. So there, wish me luck, will you?

I’ll come back with more later. I know it’s been little snippets here and there and far in between. But I love writing here. I will come back with more, I will.


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