While we are on the topic of sex

Well, now that we opened that can of worms, why not continue, right? Right!

My sister has told me several times that she thinks, on average, Latin women have a high sex drive. Or at least Venezuelan women. She bases this fact on hallway ethnography with data collected from close friends an family with whom she has had this conversation.

I’m not sure I would say I believe this. I have no proof. I know I have a high libido, and when I am in a relationship I tend to like having sex more often than not. But does that mean all women who share my nationality are the same? I would be inclined to think not.

Women in my family tend to be very fertile. Getting pregnant is not really an issue. From this I think my sister has drawn some conclusions. But aside from that, she also seems to have some data on the frequency and liking of sexual activities in our family. Apparently, they are high and liked a lot.

Again, I wouldn’t know because I have not embarked in this hallway ethnography myself. In any case, what do you think? Can libido and sex drive be related to nationality? To ethnicity? To race? Can it be a hereditary aspect, that runs strong or not, in certain families? Have you had these conversations with the women in your family? Thoughts?


2 responses to “While we are on the topic of sex

  1. I think we have a higher sex drive but I am not sure if that comes from… I think it might be related more to a psychological aspect than genes. I think we are raised to be more sensual, feel more beautiful and be more open minded when it comes to sex… That is my personal opinion 😉

    • So you think it might be cultural, in terms of how sex is viewed and how Venezuelan women are taught to believe in themselves? I guess that could be. It seems interesting to me… maybe it’s the water? 😉

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