On Sex

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Yes, I thought that would get your attention 🙂 I’ve written about thoughts on sex before, here, here, here, and here. So it’s not like this blog is totally PG 13, although I try to keep it “nice” since it’s friends and family oriented. But hey, a little spice never hurt the pig, did it?

Where is this sudden urge to write about sex coming from you ask? Well, it sure as hell isn’t from all the kinds and sorts of action I’m getting, quite the contrary. I did though, bumped into an interesting post the other day (I think the blog was actually wonky and re-posted something from years ago, and now I can’t find it, so no link) and read about how men peak their sexual interests between 18 and 24 and women do so between 35 and 40. I’m 38. What does that say about me? You’re starting to get the picture why I’m suddenly writing about this, aren’t you?

Along, my obvious unmet needs, I also had a chat with a friend in NY, which got me thinking about the differences between how men and women see sex and relationships. And I thought I would poll the readers to see what you all think.


Come on, don’t be shy. It is anonymous after all.


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