On Spanish

I wrote yesterday about missing Spanish, about not having many opportunities now to speak it and how typing it seems much more difficult than it should ever be, because it seems so complicated to turn the keyboard into another language other than English. But I did it, I googled it and help was provided by google gods, I changed the keyboard and now it’s quite easy to switch from one language to the next just by pressing a few buttons and making a few clicks.

So, I’m thinking that from here forward I need to include more Spanish posts, what do you think? I just feel as though it will help me stay connected with, well, me. I’m not going to schedule it though. I don’t like constrains and certainly do not want to turn it into a to-do on my list. I’m going with the flow. When the feeling arises Spanish it will be, and when not, well, my default seems to be English, at least in this venue. So be warned, some Spanish will be coming your way 🙂

And to sort of frame this whole embracing my language thing, I thought I’d leave you with this. It’s a video, of a series, made by HBO Habla. It’s funny, because unfortunately, it’s true.


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