Winter Weather

When I decided to move to Chicago last summer, and started sharing it with people, very frequently I would hear back something along the lines of “Chicago is a great city, you’ll love it there, but the winters are brutal, be prepared.”

I was scared of winter. Scared is actually putting it mildly. I come from a tropical country, so winter is not really my thing, think beaches and frozen drinks with colorful umbrellas in them, that would be more my style. But after living in NYC for a total of 9 years and having gone through all those winters with snow storms and all, I thought I would be ok. And ok I have been. Who could have anticipated that this winter NYC would have it quite worse than Chicago?

These past weeks it has been, on average, about the same temperatures in NYC than here,  and sometimes even colder. And lets not talk about the snow they’ve gotten there. I’d say, this winter at least, even though it is still pretty cold here, I win. Yay Chicago!

Take a look at the following week, wouldn’t you agree?


Of course, don’t even peak into Caracas’ weather or you’ll want to cry. Can you believe it is always like this down there? Yeah, heaven.


4 responses to “Winter Weather

  1. A totally yay for you and Chicago.

  2. 🙂 Thanks. I hope you’re enjoying the snow, at least it looks pretty, right?

  3. CHI is definitely on my list of places to visit…in the summer 🙂

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