What to make of it?

That past post was my 777th one. I’m into numbers, and when something like this comes along, I can only say “Make a wish!” because it surely means something lucky, right? Right!

Anyhow, where was I? Ah yes, I had the second date this past weekend. The week had passed by uneventfully, and I thought, “that’s strange, I thought we had had a good time and he did mention via text the following day that we should go out again, hmmm. Not sure what to make of that.”, so I texted on Friday. My simple  “Is it cold enough for ya?” text turned into a back and forth of long texts (mostly his) and then a phone call to invite me to dinner. He had mentioned he was very busy, but then called to see what worked best for me: Friday, Saturday or Sunday night? Being open every night didn’t sound very busy to me, but hey, what do I know? I chose Saturday, just because I didn’t feel like going out that day, and Sunday I knew I had to read for class a lot, and the games where on. Yeah, I’m not into football, but both Chicago Bears and NY Jets were playing, so I kinda wanted to watch. Both of them lost, so I guess I could have just passed on both games, but who knew?

In any case, he picked me up Saturday to go to Aripo’s a Venezuelan food place in Oak Park. I had never been there, had never been to Oak Park actually, so it was all new to me. He hadn’t had Venezuelan food before, and was the one who suggested it, I’m not sure if to be nice to me and show interest in my culture, or because he was really curious about it. Nonetheless, we went, and the food was good. Not authentic-authentic, but I guess good enough for Chicago-Venezuela. We had arepas, of course, tequenos and empanadas. I had empanada de cazon which is my favorite and it was very tasty. The reina pepiada I had was a bit of a disappointment, because it was just regular chicken salad, with potatoes and tomatoes (!!!), and then the avocado was placed on top, like as a side and not mixed with the chicken. Not a real reina pepiada for sure.

The conversation was fluid, nice, entertaining. At one point again he brought up my degree, and also mentioned how in less that 10 minutes with me he had already learned three different things, and how he found that interesting to be learning so much on a date. Uhm, yeah, I teach for a living, but I charge for it! Kidding, I’m kidding really. I just found it odd that he would say that. In any case, I think I need to tone the teaching down a bit, don’t you? No need to make the poor chap feel like he’s taking a course. I had no idea I was doing this, so good feedback, I guess.

We found a Cold Stone on the same street as Aripo’s. Can you believe my luck? Because you know how much I love ice cream, and strawberry blondes? The very best! So ice cream it was for dessert, although it was freezing outside. I think he thought this was quite odd, that I wanted ice cream in the middle of winter, but he went with it and had a cup himself. I mean, really, who doesn’t love ice cream any time of year?

After this, because I had mentioned the heat problem in my apartment, he was adamant on taking me to buy a window insulation kit. He swears by it, and I definitely needed one, or so he thinks. We went to CVS, nothing there. Then off to Target, and after roaming the entire store, finally found a kit. I still don’t think this will work with my 1920s windows, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just found it very funny that the last two guys I’ve gone out with have taking it almost as a personal challenge to fix my heating situation. One gave me his spare space heater, which, to tell the truth has been a total life saver. And the other, took me home-repair shopping to Target. I guess it’s a guy thing.

At any rate, (I’m getting side tracked a lot today aren’t I? I wonder what that’s all about.) after that we seemed both beat. He had to work the following day too, so we called it a night. He was sweet, he was nice, he seemed interested and interesting, and then nothing happened. Nothing. A kiss in the cheek, a hug, and helping hand to not slip on ice, and that was that.

Was I expecting more? Yeah. Not totally sure what, but definitely more. And now I don’t really know what to make of this. We texted a bit the following day and this morning. We talked about going out in a couple of weekends when he get backs from a trip he has next weekend. But does that mean we won’t get together in two weeks? Won’t that just cool everything off? Well, that is if there is anything to cool off to begin with.

I don’t know, call me crazy but I want a little more pzazz. A little magic, a little can’t wait to see you again. Is that not possible? I want true love and I know, for a fact, love does not come in a one-size-fits-all way, meaning there is no one easy, straight forward way to fall in love. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, sometimes it takes time. Sometimes the person who has been there for ages and ages, suddenly out of the blue, seems very interesting and you fall fast and hard. Sometimes you don’t even know you’ve fallen when in fact, you have. I’m not expecting this “finding true love” thing to go a certain, specific way; so I don’t know, it might be very premature to even speculate, but a kiss would have been nice, don’t you think?


5 responses to “What to make of it?

  1. Don’t settle. If you want the pizzazz wait for it. In my experience pizzazz does not build. It knocks you over at the beginning. There are plenty of nice people in the world but we don’t have to date them all!

    • I tend to be from this same camp of thought. The knocks you over at the beginning group. But then I look at my past relationships, the ones in which I feel hard for the guy, and I most definitely didn’t start with that pizzazz. I take time to get into someone. Take Jason for example, the first date we had I didn’t even know if he was gay or not (don’t tell him that, I never told him) and I’m definitely not attracted to gay. What I’m saying is that for me it’s not instant, it does build up and it takes time. I need to feel safe to fall in love. I wish I was the love at first sight type, but I know I’m not. I’m too rational, for me it’s never really worked that way.

  2. To be honest, a kiss on a second date would have been way too fast for me, but then, what do I know about dating and dating in the US in particular? Nothing.

    I really can’t give you any thoughts on this other than I think that he’s interested, but doesn’t want to come off as pushy or seem too eager. I think he might be taking things slow and IMHO that is a good thing.

    You need to ask yourself how you feel about him…

    • Really? Hmmm, so third sex date is out of the question, right? 😉 I’m kidding. I don’t necessarily believe in the number of the date meaning anything in particular, but I did want a kiss that night, also to see how I felt about it.

      I think I do need to ask myself how I feel about him. The thing is, I need him to be VERY into me, for me then to allow myself to be into him. As I said to Sizzle, it takes time for me, I need to feel emotionally safe. The thing is, I think you’re right, he is taking it slow, he is also guarded and I think it takes time for him as well. We’ll see how this goes, with two people who seem to be more alike than maybe they should be for it to work 😉

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