2010’s Balance

I checked my resolutions list for 2010, you know, just to see how well (or bad) I’d fare. And I have to say, there are a few I can completely cross off, which is not bad at all. Some I just didn’t accomplish. And on others I’d say, I was half way there, but they seem to be a work in progress and not something I could actually accomplish in one year, so I’m going to cut myself some slack.

The list consisted of:

1. Lose 11.5 lbs by the end of March. I weighed 131.5lbs when I started my regime plan last week, so that means the goal is 120 lbs. Did not happen, in fact I weigh more now, but hey, that will change.

2. Exercise more weekly, that includes gym and yoga. Somewhat happened. At least until June this was pretty under control, after that there were just too many changes going on to keep a handle on exercising.

3. Finish my dissertation, defend it and graduate in the May commencement ceremony. Done, done, and done!

4. Get a full-time professional job starting August. Done!

5. Change my citizenship (this one will be bitter sweet). This was changed for an H1 visa instead of a change of citizenship.

6. Be happy. No matter what I’m doing, enjoy it. Somewhat. I did improve eons in this aspect, but I can’t say I am always set in the happy mode, sometimes the circumstances take the better of me.

7. Do more contemplative, spiritual activities, like learn and practice meditation. This I did, not all year long, but I did meditate on a daily basis for months on end, and still do now and again.

8. Call my friends more frequently, at least one friend a week. Uhm, what can I say, some habits take more time to die.

There it is, 2010 reviewed and I’d say the balance is positive, wouldn’t you?


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