One Wish and One Goal

I started thinking about my resolutions this week and how I wrote a list last year and got some things on it done, and some others not so much. I don’t want to do the same thing this year, although there are some things on my to-do list for 2011:

  • I have to lose weight (urgently, like 15 lbs), exercise more (start an exercising routing that holds through the winter, with yoga and maybe find a new gym, there’s one on my street I want to check out).
  • I need to balance my work/fun time much better, because when I’m in the midst of the quarter I sometimes forget to put work aside on the weekends, and end up with no real down time to unwind. It shows, believe me, my students, the poor things, bare the burden of it.
  • I want to take Italian or French again. My mom says I’m the eternal student and she was just waiting to see when I would announce the next thing I would submerge myself into study-wise. I think languages will be it, or maybe more tarot, or more photography, or art, or guitar lessons… we’ll see.

But I don’t want any of these things to define this year. I want 2011 to be about something big. One, or two things, big things, and not a list of the bunch which always seems to appear year after year. I have one wish and one goal I’m focused on. It’s actually been my focus for some weeks now, so now I just have to keep the momentum going.

My wish is true love. I know, I know, it sounds fantasy, fairytaley like, but that’s what I want. I want to be madly in love with a man who is madly in love with me. And I want him to stick around, as in, for the rest of my life. That’s my wish, and I’m sharing it with all of you because, even though people say you shouldn’t tell others your wishes or else they won’t come true, I believe the contrary. The more people know what you want, the better. That way you won’t get what you don’t want. Besides, the more you think about it, talk about it, have it present in your life and live as if it is already here, the better the chances of the dream actually materializing itself. And I want it to materialize itself in 2011.

The goal, is to learn to let go. Let go of people, of problems, of conversations, of discussions, of things, of relationships, of the past, of the concern for the future, of bad habits, of temptations, of negative thoughts, of criticism, of the search for perfection, of always wanting more, basically let go of everything that does not serve a good, positive purpose in my life. Let go. Sounds simple and yet it’s been so hard to achieve. But it’s never actually been a goal of mine, so this year it is, my goal, my only, BIG goal to achieve. I’m sharing this one here because I want you to help me. Whenever you think of me can you email me, text me, DM me, leave a comment here, or something, with the phrase “let go”? Yes? Thank you. That will help me achieve my goal. The constant reminder of my goal will surely help me stay focused and eventually achieve it, and I think with the help of my friends the ride will be a little more enjoyable.

So there you have it. My 2011 wish and goal, and yes, the inevitable to-do list as well. Have you got yours? Are you ready? ‘Cause I say bring it 2011, we got what it takes!


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