Letting it be

This past weekend was a mixed bag in terms of dating. On Friday, I went on one of the worse dates I’ve ever been on, right up there with the “bum” at the bar in Union Square. And then on Saturday, I went on a very nice second date with the guy I liked best so far. I think though, I won’t see any of these guys again. Friday guy, for obvious reasons, Saturday guy, I’m not sure why, but I think he’s gone off the radar, and that seems to be ok with me.

I was going to write all the gory details about the worst date ever, but I was also debating between writing for posterity or completely forgetting the whole thing and not even mentioning it. I think I’ll just leave it at that, because frankly, I am THIS close (again) to deleting everything and just forgetting the whole thing. Not the whole finding the right guy thing, but the whole online thing.

I watched Marry me, this weekend, and it made me smile. Yes, it’s one of those cheesy, romantic, never to happen in real life, TV movies. But you see, I want to fall in love, I want to be courted, I want to be wooed, I want a little bit of magic, and surprises of the good kind. I want the real deal, and I have a pretty strong feeling I’m not going to find it online.

I’m off to Miami tomorrow. Can I hear a yay?! And I’m taking my two weeks there to forget about online, about guys, and about dating. I’m going to relax and have fun. Of course, everyone is going to ask about my love life, it is the holidays and I am spending it with family, but I think I’ll just brush it off and wish for a better love year in 2011.

Let us let 2010 be, and go enjoy the sun in Miami, shall we? Yes, I think we shall 🙂 I’ll write from there, until then, be good and be happy.


4 responses to “Letting it be

  1. Have a great holiday lovie! Sounds like just the thing you need. Online dating does suck a bit, but it's also a good way to get out there and say 'I'm not just sitting around, I'm out there looking,' and some people meet the love of their life through such means – you just never know. But it's good to take a break from those things not really doing it for you as well.Happy Christmas and Merry New 2011.x

  2. Have a great time off with your family and happy holidays!!

  3. The Sarjent – Thank you doll, you too! It's true it does work for some. I think I just need a break from the whole thing.Hope you have wonderful holidays as well 🙂

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