My God, my view

As you may or may not know, I am not too religious. I am very spiritual, I have enough faith for the both of us and I believe in God, my version of God, that is. I have nothing against religion. I think, as everything else, it has a solid balance of good and bad, and it definitely suits some. I call myself Catholic because it’s what I know and what I feel comfortable with. But I don’t practice it, the dogma I mean, because some rituals, and the commandments I do, and I think everyone should, they’re universal in my eyes.

Currently, I’m reading this book about the life of a Rabbi, written by a pretty skeptical Jew, and I bumped into this today:

God and the decisions he renders is correct.
God doesn’t punish anyone out of the blue.
God knows what he is doing.
(Mitch Albom, 2009, p. 115)

I read this and thought hum… As I said, I believe in God, but in my version of God it is not a he, I sometimes refer to him as a he out of habit, but definitely not out of conviction. My God is more like an energy from which our soul stems, an unlimited web of spiritual substance, which we all have a piece of. In my view God does not punish, take away, or give. We plan the lives we live, we decide and we make the choices that determine the type of life we have.

Is there fate? Yes, there is. Is there a plan for us? Of course. But we designed it, along with God. We are here to learn, to improve ourselves spiritually, to become the best us we possibly can. Ultimately, we decide if we follow and accept our plan, or if we can muster something even better.

I thank God everyday for the blessings in my life, and by thanking God I am thanking myself and every single soul who has contributed to my life as I know it. We don’t have what we do because God is punishing or blessing us, we do so because we have made certain decision in our lives that have lead us this way. And if you ask me, we need to thank God for that.

A friend of mine always says “El tiempo de Dios es perfecto” (God’s time is perfect) and I truly believe it is. When we are ready to deal with certain things, accept them, live them, they appear in our lives, and we get to decide to embrace them or not. We cannot hurry the process. We set the plan and it is perfect, but as it was up to us to make the plan it is also up to us to not mess it up. So when we embark in this venture called life, we have all the free will we might need and also have God by our sides. I’d say use your resources, all of them, and when the going gets tough, from me to you, sincerely: good luck!


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