Online Dating

I think I updated my dating status here not so long ago and shared I had gone back, reluctantly, to online dating. I have an active profile on two dating sites and receive emails daily from guys who seem interested. I am adamit on the not pursuing bit, so I rarely initiate interaction by emailing first. I’m letting the guys do the chasing, as I believe it should be.

I’ve gone out with a couple guys from these sites. One, I never saw again. One I saw twice and one just once. These two guys still email, call, text and want to get together again. It hasn’t happened yet, but we are trying to make plans to see each other before I leave for Miami. 

There are also, two other guys that surfaced this week, with whom I have chatted a few times. They have my number and are trying to match schedules to see when we can meet. There isn’t a lot of time before I leave, and I won’t be back until January, so it just might not happen at all, and with the time away, it may all frizzle and cool off. But I guess we do what we can in the time we have.

It all sounds normal for the online dating scene, right? Several guys at the same time, balancing them as if I was juggling a few balls up in the air. The thing is, this feels completely unnatural to me. I don’t want to be chatting with several guys at the same time. Going out with one one day to see another the following night, that’s not how I like to date. I’m a one guy girl. One who I like, who makes me happy and with whom I enjoy spending time. That’s what I want, just one. But in order to find that one, I need to see several… I don’t like it I tell you, not one bit. But, what can I do if not?

Have you online dated? Did you have a strategy you used when there were several guys around at the same time? Did it work? Please enlighten me. I am THIS close to just deleting the profiles and staying cozy in bed watching movies, and dreaming of the perfect guy. Because really, who likes this dating business? And who has the time to actually meet all these guys?


4 responses to “Online Dating

  1. Blech. I have no strategy except the no pursuit thing myself. I think the whole thing stinks. Mostly because I'm in a much smaller pond than you are? I just get drunks and farmers around here.

  2. It truly stinks. I really hate dating and online dating is even worse…but what else can a girl do in this day and age? Sigh.

  3. Wow, I really can’t give you any advice at all…. I’ve only had two relationships in my life and I married the second guy. I met both guys by coincidence. I’ve never actively sought out guys.
    But I feel you… I am the one guy only girl, too and I’d probably go out only with one guy at a time and then move on to the next one if it doesn’t work out. I don’t know. It sounds awful though.

    • San, I’m so glad you didn’t have to go through this. I sometimes think it would have been best to just marry my college boyfriend and get this whole thing over with. But I know I need to find the right one for me, so what else can I do but keep looking?

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