Happy Thanksgiving!

I was just reading my last post from last week and was thinking how incredibly different I feel just a few days later. The melancholy, the longing and the sadness are all gone. I’m really starting to think, as I hit, the 4th floor, as a friend of mine calls 40s, that my body is taking a turn for the worst. I’ve never suffered from PMS, but now? It hits me like a tons of bricks.

It wasn’t until I started seriously thinking last week that I realized the 3 times I’ve been terribly homesick since I moved to Chicago (3 months ago) have been around the time I was menstruating… what a coincidence, huh? For someone who does research for a living I’m thinking I should have noticed that a bit sooner. Anyhow, PMS is gone now, Venus is back to it’s forward travels and I feel happy and cheery again. Life is good. Oh, and it gets better. I’m off to NYC today to spend a week there for Thanksgiving. How’s that for a cheer-me-upper?

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and have the chance to be very thankful for all your blessing. I’ll be sure to count you in in mine. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Jenni! goza mucho.. seguro que si nos vemos next year!!

  2. Cele – Buenisimo!!!! 🙂

  3. Um. I TOTALLY laughed at the 4th floor metaphor. That's what we refer to as the inpatient behavioral health floor at the hospital. Like, I used to tell people, "Yeah. I used to go in and out of 4th floor all the time." Hahahahaha!

  4. Kate – 🙂 I love that! Look at the 4th floor with all it's meanings! 😉

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