Weekend update

My sister is here for a few days. She flew in Saturday night and will be going back to Manhattan on Tuesday, after a few days of work. On Sunday, we had planned to go shopping. We ventured out to Aurora Premium Outlet, which someone had recommended a while back. She needed to buy clothes for herself and I was set on getting started on my Christmas shopping, so it was a plan!

Off we went after breakfast, talking and listening to music all the way. I love to drive so the 1.5 hour on the road wasn’t a burden at all. We got to see some parts of Chicago I had never been through before and get out of the city as well. Once there I ended getting some shirts from Banana Republic for me, using a gift certificate Jason had given me last year for Christmas (thanks Jason!), and a sweater and shirt from Michael Kors I just fell in love with. I also got a couple of skinny belts in JCrew. But the rest were all Christmas presents. I bought 3 presents! That means I have 3 people set and only 3 to go, can someone say organized in advanced?!

The drive back was a bit worse though. It was dark, because of course we stayed until the shops closed their doors on us, and it had also started to rain. I had forgotten my contacts and glasses at home, and at night my vision reduces at least 25% percent on top of the correction I already need and didn’t have, because as I said, I forgot all seeing implements at home. It was interesting to say the least. Liz had to read all the signs to me and at some point she got distracted (I think she didn’t quite realize I REALLY couldn’t see) and we ended driving pass a toll booth, through the easy path area (I don’t have an easy pass) and skipping the pay altogether.

Yep, apparently I don’t believe in paying the government for roads I think should be free… yikes! I read somewhere you can go online and pay the tolls you missed, so I’m looking for that now. I’m telling you, not being able to see while driving it not a good thing. It also takes all the fun out of driving because it elevates the stress factor to a gazillion. But we made it back in one piece and went for dinner at Chipottle, which is about two blocks from where I live, so it all ended well.

Once we got home we took everything out and spread it, showing each other what we got. I think that’s the best part of shopping, sharing your finds and thinking about how you’ll wear them and how you’ll style all the new stuff with what you already had. And the sales! I love a bargain, so sharing how much you saved on this and that, can’t be beat! 🙂

It was a great shopping Sunday.  On Saturday (I know I’m going backwards here, but the shopping needed to be shared first), I had errands to run, baby gifts to buy and a second date, which I wasn’t that excited about. As it turns out, the date was much better than I expected. We had fun, had great food and conversation and I ended the night thinking, hmmm, I kinda like this guy. Who knew? Kinda good, huh? Well, of course, we’ll see, time will tell. The holidays are around the corner and I have a ton of work to do and a bit of travel too. For the 5 weeks I have ahead, between now (that the quarter is ending) and the 3rd of January, when the next quarter begins, I will be in NY for 1 week and in Miami for 2. All that distance might make everything a bit cold on the dating end. I might need to pause things and get back into them in January once I’m back. We’ll see. For now, things are good and I have 3 Christmas gifts set before Thanksgiving, how great is that?!


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