The one in which I drown

I’m with Jason in a car going to a museum or store. Apparently, the downtown one was closed and didn’t have what we were looking for, so we drive uptown to another place. On our way there I notice we are in the 180ths and I remember the place being on 57th street. We still get off, there are tons of people, but the place is not a regular store, it has a boat of some sort in the back, indoors, in a big lake. We get on. I don’t really want to be on it, it seems unstable, it starts moving, I think it might leave dock, but instead it starts sinking. We both leave the boat’s deck, we’re pushed up by the water, but as we step off the boat into the open body of water, it envelops us, we are completely covered. I look up and see lights, I see this massive wave coming, it’s covering us, I didn’t take a deep breath of air before, I wonder if what I have will be enough to wait under the wave while it passes. I look up and see Jason swimming upward, to the surface, I try to follow, but I’m running out of air. I reach for him, he doesn’t notice I’m still underwater. He reaches the surface, which is when he looks around and sees I’m not there. I don’t come out. I can see him and feel myself float away, down, not up. I’m not going to resurface. I drowned.

And then I woke up with this weird feeling of calm and surprise. I drowned!? What does that mean?


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