Oh how they suck

Breakups suck. Why do people have to breakup? What happened to happily ever after? What happened to sticking things through? To working things out? To ironing differences? To compromising and having love triumph? I believe in love, I do. But recently, love seems to not believe that much in itself, because why else does it keep giving up?

I just found out a cousin of mine broke up with her boyfriend, with whom she was incredibly happy just a few weeks back. How does life just up and change on us like that? No warning, no pause to catch our breaths, just wham! Change.

When Jason and I broke up back in March I felt as if I had been taken the rug from under me and left there to fend for myself in the bitter cold. No coat. No heat. No rug. Nothing. It was all turned upside down. In the midst of trying to understand and accept things, all I could mutter out was “I want my life back!” With a stomp of the foot and the cry of a spoiled little girl “I want it back, now!” Because that’s how we feel when we’re left high and dry by life, by love, we just want to pause, rewind and go back to the happy times. Go back to when we were happy and probably didn’t even know it.

As I think about my cousin, about breakups and about how hard it is to get over heartache, I extend cyber hugs to all out there who are going through something like this. BIG HUGS. I know how much it sucks. I’ve been there wanting it all back and wishing it would all just go away. BIG HUGS. BIG, really BIG BEAR HUGS.


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