Weekend in NYC

It’s been a few days since I returned from my birthday and Halloween weekend in NY and I still have not had time to come and tell you all about it. I wanted to the very first day, but somehow got side tracked with overwhelming homesickness that took over me that afternoon.

I had a wonderful time. I got to spend time with my family (I stayed at my sister’s and my parents were there visiting too) and friends (who came to help celebrate my birthday). And for that alone the trip was wonderful. I also got to walk around NYC, go on the subway, eat some of my NY favorites, run in Riverside Park, do a little shopping, and see Mike. But once I got home and started decompressing I also started crying and making no sense at all.

I knew that going back would be bitter sweet. Once the taxi rolled into Manhattan from the airport, and started crossing over Central Park, the tears started streaming. I so miss that town. More than words can describe. But the real tears came when I saw Sophie. She hugged me so tight, and I her, and then she gave me a birthday card, which I couldn’t read because I was in tears. There are no words for how much I miss that kid.

I got over the sadness, of course, I always do. And enjoyed my time there. We had a birthday lunch on Saturday with Venezuelan food, Margot’s cake, rum, music, conversations and fun. Take a look:

We also went trick-or-treating a bit on Sunday, and Sophie got to show off her Queen Elizabeth costume. She literally stopped traffic in that outfit.

Nick didn’t let me take pictures of his mummy costume, I guess he’s hit that age. But I got some shots of him in his TaeKwonDo uniform playing with those Mayachi (or whatever they’re called) thingies. He is so grown up now.

On Monday, when I flew back to Chicago, I had planned to go directly to work. I did, but once there, I grabed my car and headed  home. I was spent and all I had to do for work (read, prep for class and grade papers) I could do from my apartment. So off home I went to unpack, eat lunch, and get working. That all happened, but with a little crying interruption there included, which fortunately didn’t last too long because serendipitously friends appeared online and I could chat and vent my sadness away.

The next day I was fine. Singing on my way to and from work, happy as can be. Thank God it doesn’t last long, and as my mom says, work tends to be the best therapy, since there is just no time to even ponder when there are things to do and deadlines to meet.

There you have it, my weekend in NYC. Loved it, though it reminded me of how much I miss it. Hopefully, this coming weekend I’ll find something about Chicago to fall in love with too. 


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