Birthday Dinner

Mi sister flew in from a work meeting she had in Minneapolis Monday night, and was in Chicago for work yesterday. Which meant that we could go out for dinner on my birthday! Yay for family who flies into town for work! 🙂

We went to The Athenian Room, which is close by to DePaul, so we just walked there and enjoyed good Greek food.

To our surprise the Athenian Room was opened in 1972, which was the year I was born, so it all felt a bit sinchronistic, like we just had to be there that night and celebrate that we both (the restaurant and I) were “born” the same year.

Yay for 1972. A good year, if I may say so myself.

3 responses to “Birthday Dinner

  1. Glad you had a lovely dinner with your sister!
    And yes, 1972 is a good year indeed (I know a couple of very nice people that were born in 1972 ;))

  2. Of course this is serendipity. OF COURSE.

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