Weekend Fun

This weekend was not all work! Who knew it was possible? I kid, mostly. I do read a lot in prep for classes during the weekends, if not there is no way I would be ready for them during the week. But I do throw in other stuff, fun stuff, get-to-know-Chicago stuff too.

Friday night I had a TV marathon and watched a ton of click flicks on TNT. Good times. Saturday, I finally got myself back to yoga. This was my first time at the community free class and as expected it was packed and a beginner’s class. Still I liked it and it was really just what I needed to ease back into it. There was a lot of stretching and relaxing and holding poses, all good.

After yoga, I decided to check out Phoebe’s Cupcakes, a cupcake bakery in my neighborhood, which I’ve been meaning to check out. I strolled down my street, to the bakery and bought the “R.I.P.” and a sprinkles one, I thought Sophie’s would have loved, if only they had been sensible enough to die the frosting pink. How dare they not!

 Sunday, I had set with my coworker An Chih to go to Chinatown. He (also new in town) had been there a couple times with his friends and I had said we should go together some time so he could show me around.

I’ve never been fond of Chinatowns. Nothing personal, but I really don’t like the craziness of it all. Food sprayed out practically on the road, trash everywhere, people yelling, noise to a volume I just can’t take, people trying to sell you anything and everything, and you just trying to get to wherever it is you’re going to? Yeah, not my idea of fun. So, reluctantly, we ventured over for some food.

The food was great. We had dumplings, fried shrimp rolls, steamed beef balls, fish in curry sauce and beef in some steamed wrap which was… interesting. 

Then we roamed around the square. They have a plaza with statues of all the characters that represent personality (?) signs, and posed along side ours.

 We stopped by the China Market and got some food. An Chih gets a cold coffee drink there which apparently he’s hooked on, like me and Coke Zero. And then we were off. Of course on our way back home, we realized dessert had not been had. So we stopped by Dairy Queen and had their seasonal pumpkin mini blizzard. Delicious!

I then went home, back to reading and class prepping and TV watching. A good balanced weekend 🙂


2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. This sounds like a wonderful weekend, Jen. I am glad to hear you got out and explored the city! 🙂

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