Fall has arrived! I love fall. I actually really like October. It’s my birthday month, which is not the reason I like it, but birthday and Halloween on the same month? It just makes it one of the best there is.

What I like the most about Fall are the trees. I love trees anytime of year, but during Fall especially they let let their colors shine like no other time and I could just sit and stare for hours. I actually did this from my bedroom window last weekend.

On my way to work, right before I reach the garage, I drive down this tree filled street and I had been noticing how beautiful it is these days. Unfortunately, the day I remembered to take a picture of it, it was not only raining, but it had seem to have blown especially hard over night, because all the leaves had fallen. See?

Later that same day I had to go home and pick up some materials I needed for my night class, which I had inconveniently forgotten. While driving back, I took this one:

Which gives you a sense of what the pretty street looked like before. But really, the tress are just gorgeous, look at them at the DePaul Campus:

The only thing I don’t quite enjoy about Fall is the reminiscing of it all. I’m not sure if it’s that the stars  are aligning for me in a certain way around my birthday, or that it is actually the season, but I have been a bit melancholic. I hope I grow out of it, hopefully by the end of the month, because… NYC! 🙂

Anyway… is Fall hitting your area as well? Are you loving it as much as I am?


One response to “Fall

  1. Fall is hitting Central Park and I cannot get enough of it… I am tempted to sit there everyday during my lunch break just to see the foliage..

    Beautiful pictures.

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