Two Months

Yesterday was my two month mark of moving to Chicago. Two months. I still don’t know what to make of it. Don’t really know if it feels like a lot of time, or no time at all. I guess it could be either, I could definitely make an argument for both sentiments.

I am more or less settled in here. My apartment is pretty much set, but that was done and ready my first few days here, I’m compulsive like that. I still need some little things, like a chair or ottoman for the bedroom, a couple of nightstand lamps and maybe some art work too. But all of that is decoration (well, except for the lamps) and can wait a bit, at least until my finances have bounced back.

Car-wise, I’m set too. Have I mentioned how much I love my car? Yep, almost 6 years without a car will do that to a person, make them love their new car like it was a living friend. I found a new covered parking spot for it and now it actually stays clean throughout the week. I have it mostly under control, the gas, the wash, the parking, the insurance, and even got my Illinois drivers license and city sticker. I’m set.

Work-wise, I’m not settled, but I have fallen into a groove. Which basically entails, working all the time. But hey, it’s a new job, in a new place, with new people, so I’m still learning to navigate the system. My classes are going great. I love my students, really enjoy prepping classes for them and interacting with them during class. I have been going to a ton of meetings, participating in school and university wide committees and work, and been meeting and interacting with people to have them get to know me. What I still need to work on is my writing. I need to carve the needed time to write and send things out to be reviewed and hopefully published. I haven’t had the time so far, but it is starting to feel imperative I do so.

Yikes, it started to rain here and I’m still home. Today I decided I needed to get back into exercising and went for a 30 minute jog in the morning. Rolled out of bed and off I went. Wednesdays are my long days. I teach from 5:30 to 8:30pm, and since I stop by my office afterward, I end up getting home closer to 10pm than 9pm. So on Wednesdays I take it easy in the morning, jog (today for the first time), start work from home in my pjs and roll into the office later during the day, sometimes after lunch. Today, I had planned to go in early, as any other day, but now that it’s raining, well, maybe I’ll wait it out a bit.

My social life is another area that needs work. It’s nonexistent. I have a few friends here, but no real time to see them. I haven’t, to tell the truth, made a big effort to plan anything, but the thing is, the free time I do have I just want to sleep and stay in bed watching TV, I can’t help it, the big flat-screen and DVR just have me pinned down and I kind of like it. After all, my bed is super comfy.

I really don’t know. What is the balance so far? Absolutely on the positive side. But how do I feel about it all? I still miss NYC and its people. I like it here, I really do. But my heart is still somewhere in Central Park.


4 responses to “Two Months

  1. You know what I think? For being two months in, I think you’re doing great, Jen.

    Of course, you miss NYC. It was a big part of your life and you loved it there. But I am pretty sure that things will get better and you’ll fall into a routine more and more in the coming weeks. Just give yourself some time.

  2. Thanks San. I feel I’m alright. Some days I feel like a fish in the water, as if I’ve been here forever. Others, I feel foreign and if I’m particularly melancholic, then I start to miss everything like mad. But, you are right, it does take time and two months is certainly not enough time to have everything feel set.

  3. For two months in, you’re doing really well. It honestly took me a year to feel like Seattle was where I wanted to be for sure. It helped that I made friends and finally stopped getting lost every time I left the house.

    • Yeah, I don’t know when that will kick in. Ever since I was a kid I have not lived more than 5-6 years continuously anywhere, so I don’t know if I will ever feel like Chicago, or any place for that matter, will ever feel like the place I want to be for sure or for good. But I hear you on the friends. I need to make more friends or actually go out with the ones I have more, ASAP!

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