I have this recurrent dream, or does it qualify as a nightmare?, with doors. Doors that don’t properly close. Doors too small for their frame. Doors that when locked still let the light in through the cracks. Unsteady, uneasy, fragile doors, that could keep no one out if the need be. I dream I’m being chased. I run, run fast, run away from the guy (it’s usually a man chasing me), until I reach a room. I run in and close the door. I lock the door. I catch my breath. The door moves. I lean on the door. But it’s no use. He pushes and the door moves, budges, gives. Why? Because it’s a flimsy door, on a flimsy frame. It’s not safe. It protects no one. It’s a useless door.

Saturday night, around 11:30pm someone tried to break into an apartment in my building. The couple was asleep, but once they heard the noise from the kitchen door, they called the police. The cops came quickly. The someone was gone. Nothing happened. Nothing was taken, stolen or broken. The door held, at least until the police came and the someone left.

I have 3 doors in my new apartment. The main door, the balcony door, and the kitchen door. All of them are weak doors. They have a lock on the knob as would a bathroom door, and then a bolt (not the balcony door, that one has no bolt). These doors tend to stay open. They don’t fit well within their frames, you need to push them in place. These doors are not safe.

Who wants to venture on how soon my door nightmare will come back? I give it a few days max. I don’t feel safe here, more so than anywhere before, and I blame it on the doors.


2 responses to “Doors

  1. Puedes cambiar las cerraduras? o poner más cerraduras?

    • Bueno, puedo averiguar. Quizas si pueda poner otra cerradura, candado, cadena o algo, sobre todo a la puerta de la cocina que es la que da a la parte de atras del edificio…. por donde se metieron el sabado.

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