Online once again

“Are you interested in websex?” is the first thing that pops up on my screen when I logged on last night. And then people ask why is it that I don’t like online dating. It’s the freaks!

Remember how I said I was done with online dating? Well, I started rethinking the whole “alone in a new city” thing, especially since it’s getting freaking cold and soon I will not want to go out again ever. That, and the fact I mostly only work these days and don’t have a lot of time to socialize. I figured there’s probably no other way I’ll meet a guy anytime soon, so I decided to go back to Ok Cupid. Not, been there, done that, nothing new there. Not eHarmony, oh god, please not eHarmony, never liked it. Not plenty of fish, nothing good there. And the other ones I haven’t tried and think I’ll just skip. Ok Cupid it is, I like the interface, it’s kind of cute.

All this is to alert you guys to brace yourselves, because some “fun” might be coming your way via this blog. Just don’t hold your breath. With online dating one never really knows what might pop up.


2 responses to “Online once again

  1. how is the online dating going then? I'm nursing a bruised ego and then I may well be back out there again.

  2. The Sarjent – well, it's just been a week… we'll see. Not too excited about it. Yeah, it's best to not jump back in too soon. Hope it gets better quickly.

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