I went to bed last night missing terribly NYC and its people. And woke up this morning in a bit of a sad haze. I meditated and things didn’t seem so bad after that. Meditation does this for me. It centers me, it takes the stress away and allows me to see things differently. Remember the reframing technique I mentioned before? Yeah, meditation helps with that.

I started meditating this year, on a regular basis, when I took it on for Lent back in March. I did it regularly for a while and soon after I started feeling the benefits. I would declare the meditation for a purpose, like feeling happy, or being productive and focused, or being eloquent and having meaningful interactions with people, and then go on with the meditation for anywhere between 7 and 15 mins. This set the tone for the day and more often than not, when reviewing the day at night, I would find I had actually been happy, or had meaningful interaction or had been on target and productive. It was like magic. I declared it, meditated, and it happened.

With the move, the new job and new life, I stopped meditating. All the change around me has taken a toll on my stress levels, not to mention my eating habits which are as unhealthy as can be right now. Surprisingly, I have not put on more weight than I had at the beginning of the year, or course I haven’t lost the 10lbs I said I would either. My schedule is unpredictable and depends on the amount of work I have for the day. And even though I have ventured to yoga once and have jogged along the lake a few times, it hasn’t been much more than just that, a few times. I need to get my act together, so I started meditating again this week.

Today, being particularly sad, I especially needed to meditate. And it worked. I feel better, less sad, more centered. I still miss NYC and its people terribly, but I’m not THIS close to crying as I was this morning. I’m telling you, meditation works! You should try it some time and let it do for you what it does for me every single time.


4 responses to “Meditating

  1. I am taking a meditation course starting late next month. I’m excited! I’ve tried doing it on my own but I need some guidance. My favorite yoga teacher is leading it.

  2. Transitions are hard … and you made a big leap when you moved away from New York. I'm glad to hear meditation helps you feel better in the short-run … and can only hope you will find lasting happiness here in the long run.

  3. Thank you Nilsa. I'm feeling the pull of nostalgia these days and it makes it that much harder to get acclimated here. It takes time, I know, but some days it just hits harder than others. Thanks for the support and good wishes.

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