Modern Life

My building has no parking. Now who was the genius that designed this, you ask? Someone with no futuristic vision back in the 1920s. I rented a parking spot a few buildings down the alley, because here parking is done in the back of the buildings, in alleys that have been set for cars, trash and the occasional rat. I’ve seen two so far and believe me I’m not thrilled. I absolutely HATE rats and I don’t say that to be funny, I’m serious. I hate rats.

Anyhow, on a good weather day it’s fine. I park and walk about a block, down the alley and go into my building through the back entrance. This path is not the pretty path and it’s not the one that leads me directly to my mail box, so I get my mail whenever I remember, which these days is about once a week.

Yesterday it rained. I was out of food and decided to go to the supermarket after work, before coming home. Once out of the supermarket I noticed my car drenched, it had rained. I cursed. I had washed my car last Thursday and then again the day before because it had rained on Saturday and my car had gotten completely filthy again. I have no luck when it come to washing cars, if they last clean more than two days I consider myself fortunate.

Back to the groceries though. In this particular supermarket they have a barrier and you can’t get carts to go directly to your car. So you have to take all your bags and carry them to your trunk, leaving the cart behind. Another genius designed this. What is the point of putting the bags in the cart and wheel them only 30 feet to not be able to get the whole job done? So I carried the bags, put them in the trunk, tried to no set them on the wet floor before putting them in my brand new carpeted trunk, with some success (sodas and milk are very heavy!) and headed home.

Once in the alley I planned to leave the bags in my building. Open the gate and leave them inside, on the floor, while I parked the car and walked back. I did, but as soon as I got into my car to go park, it started raining. No, not raining, pouring. Why Murphy? Why? Everything got soaked. Everything.

I had an umbrella in the car so I didn’t get wet walking back to my building, but the food? Not so lucky. I lugged the bags down the uncovered hall and then up the 2 flights of stairs, because you do remember there is no elevator in my building, right? Right. Another brilliant idea from some genius. So by the time I could actually sit and have dinner it had been almost an hour, of buying food, lugging it, it getting wet, lugging it again and then me drying it and putting it away.

My back and arms hurt today. I wonder why that could be. Hmmm. Apparently, I don’t have to worry about weights any more or body building, I’ll just get my share once a week when I buy groceries. Isn’t that dandy? Don’t you just love modern life?


8 responses to “Modern Life

  1. Oh, that sounds so annoying… it also means, you can only buy as many groceries as you can carry in one load. Very inconvenient, isn’t it?

    • Incredibly inconvenient… I usually end up going up and down the two flights of stairs several times to carry everything up. I can’t begin to imagine how I’ll do that with snow, big coats and boots. Sigh.

  2. Oh, the things we grow accustomed to. I’ve been lugging groceries up and down the stairs to our condo for a few years now … and don’t really think twice about it. Maybe you should start practicing for the snow … and instead of leaving the bags just inside your gate, carry them all the way up to your apartment and then go park the car. =)

    • You know, I thought of taking them all the way up and then coming down to move the car, but thought I might be blocking someone’s way by doing so. It was a good thing I didn’t or I would have gotten soaked myself. I guess it takes practice and good timing.

  3. Tener carro en Chicago sin tener parking en tu edificio no es una buena idea. Mejor vete acostumbrando. Saludos.

    • Si, ya me estoy dando cuenta… no es tanto lo lejos, porque la verdad es que es cerquita, es la cargadera de cosas y la lluvia y nieve cuando hay porque el puesto que tengo es destechado 😦 Aver cuando nos vemos por fin.

  4. I don’t have an elevator either and it’s about 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. See why I hired movers? The days where I have a big bag of cat litter or heavy groceries I actually tend to leave the bag of cat litter for later or that big supply of toilet paper. I can only carry so much! I feel you pain.

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