My office

Remember I showed you my office? I was so excited that they had finally assigned me an office, because they had taken some time to sort some changes before they got everyone settled in. And when that happened, I took pictures and shared them with you. Remember?

Well, things have changed in my office space a bit since then. The furniture was rearranged. Some things were taken out because I didn’t like or need them, and the walls were all repainted and now it’s looking brand new. I bought a plant too, because what is an office without a plant? And have slowly taken in some of my multiple binders, books and even some of my framed diplomas (finally got to it after what? 14 years?).

The 25 boxes on their way to Miami from Venezuela haven’t arrived yet, so I’m still waiting on those. But there is room for them and if I run out of space I always have the other wall I can fill up with more shelves and bookcases. Take a look at the progress:

I love that I can close my door and get some quiet to concentrate and read, because most of my day these days is spent reading and prepping for class, and since the student helpers sit right across from my office you can never be sure how quiet/loud it will get on any given day. So I close my door and live in my little room with peace. It’s glorious!


6 responses to “My office

  1. This is nice… you’re making progress! 🙂

  2. Oh, having a door must be amazing! Looks like you’re slowly making it home 🙂

  3. How exciting! I still need to “cozy up” my own office after nearly a year.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking it will take me some time to do so… besides I still have tons of boxes on their way from Venezuela, so the process continues.
      Oh, welcome to my blog! Hope you’ll make it back.

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